7 Clear Signs They Aren't Your Soulmate

Written By: MUDASSIR

Having completely different stances on important core values suggests that you two are likely not destined to be soulmates.  


Poor open communication and lack of understanding between you reveals this is probably not a long-term match.


If you don't have passion, romance, and physical chemistry, it could mean they are not your soulmate despite having a nice friendship.   


Major conflicting changes in priorities, life goals, and interests over time shows that you are growing apart rather than growing together.   


An unwillingness to put in consistent effort to nurture and strengthen the relationship signals that you do not truly share a deep bond.


Frequent dramatic disagreements about minor issues might reveal that you bring out the worst in one another.  


Not feeling an inexplicable, natural spiritual connection with them reveals they probably aren't your soulmate.


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