Recruitment is the process through which individuals join a chapter and, in turn, the larger Panhellenic community. There are several different types of Recruitment, and Potential New Members may find that they prefer one form of Recruitment over another.

Recruitment is a Values Based Process, meaning that Potential New Members identify what's important to them, and select an organization that is the best fit, based upon their own values and the chapter's values.

The choice to join a sorority isn't just one that'll affect your time in college, it's a choice that'll impact the rest of your life.

2019 formal Recruitment Registration:

Formal Recruitment for the Fall 2019 registration is NOW OPEN! Please look at the Formal Recruitment 2019 Schedule at the bottom of the page for information on which days Recruitment will take place.

Informal Spring Recruitment:

Informal Recruitment, or Spring Recruitment, happens at the beginning of the Spring Semester. Much more casual than Fall Recruitment, longer, more relaxed events are held over a two week period. It's important to note that not all chapters participate in Spring Recruitment, and PNMs (Potential New Members) don't need to register for Spring Recruitment, as is required for Fall, and aren't assigned Recruitment Guides, leaving them free to attend the events that they wish to.

All ten chapters are present at the beginning of the process for an informational session, Orientation Night. As in Formal Recruitment, not all who go through the process will receive a bid, but you may find that this more relaxed style is more comfortable for you. Wear whatever you feel comfortable and confident in, as the attire for the events is cute casual,

If you are interested in Spring Recruitment or would like more information, please contact Kelin, at

Fall Formal Recruitment:

Formal Recruitment happens in the Fall. Formal Recruitment provides women with the chance to meet and get to know women from all ten sororities, assessing which they'd feel most comfortable in. Formal Recruitment is comprised of five days, and on each subsequent day Potential New Members (PNMs) visit fewer chapters, spending longer amounts of time at the remaining chapters.

On the first day, Spirit Day, PNMs visit all ten chapters, learning a little about each one and getting to know sisters. On the second day, Philanthropy Day, PNMs can visit up to eight chapters, learning about the individual chapter philanthropies, as well as Circle of Sisterhood, the Panhellenic philanthropy. On the third day, Sisterhood Day, PNMs visit up to five chapters, learning more about their sisterhood and deep bonds of friendship. Then, PNMs have a 4 day break for school. This break is also a time to bond with their fellow PNMs, and go on fun outings with their Rho Gamma group.The fourth day, Preference Day, is the most formal, and PNMs only visit up to two chapters, partaking in their Preference Ceremonies. The fifth day, Bid Day, is the last day of Formal Recruitment, on which PNMs find out which chapter they've received an invitation of membership, or a bid to!

PNMs will be guided throughout the experience by Rho Gammas, or Recruitment Guides. Rho Gammas are sorority women who disaffiliate from their chapters, not talking to their sisters or wearing their letters throughout the Recruitment period in order to help PNMs to find the sorority that is perfect for them. Each PNM will be assigned to a Rho Gamma Group, which will serve as a support system, through the process and beyond.

PNMs need to register for Recruitment, and pay a registration fee. This registration fee includes the cost of food and water throughout all the days of Recruitment, as well as a shirt that they'll receive on Bid Day.

Not everyone who registers for Recruitment will receive a bid, and every year women choose to withdraw or are released from the process, for a variety of reasons. However, in the past, over 90% of women who've started the process have received a bid at the end.

If you have any questions about Fall Recruitment, please contact Kelin, at

Formal Recruitment 2019 Schedule:

Orientation Night: Thursday, August 29, 2019

Spirit Day: Saturday, August 31, 2019 all 10 chapters

Philanthropy Day: Sunday, September 1, 2019, up to 8 chapters

Sisterhood Day: Monday, September 2, 2019, up to 5 chapters

Preference Day: Saturday, September 7, 2019, up to 2 chapters

Bid Day: Sunday, September 8, 2019. Run home!

2019 Recruitment Sponsors

Thank you to all our 2019 Recruitment Sponsors! You donations are enabling 700+ women to find their home within the USF Panhellenic Community.

Gold Level Sponsorship ($1,000 or above)

Silver Level Sponsor ($850 or above)