Community Achievements

USF Panhellenic holds itself and its members to a higher standard, both academically and operationally. We as a community have been fortunate enough to have been recognized on more than one occasion. 

Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values Central Conference

The Panhellenic Community was recognized for 'Outstanding Academic Achievement' in Panhellenic Division III. We are proud of the Panhellenic women in our community and their drive to achieve academically. We look forward to the 2016-2017 year and the opportunity for growth in the area of academic achievement.


National Panhellenic Conference Excellence Award

College Panhellenics, which are all cooperatives comprised of all sororities on a campus, as scored on seven criteria, including those of value to college campuses such as academics, programming events, and community relations. NPC has recognized student-managed College Panhellenics with awards of excellence and achievement for more than 50 years. With organizations located at more than 672 U.S. and Canadian colleges and universities, only the top 21 groups were recognized with this honor for excellence. The National Panhellenic Conference Excellence Award was awarded to the USF Panhellenic Association on September 1st 2015.