Panhellenic Executive Board: 2017-2018 // President and Vice President

Panhellenic President

  • Call and preside at all USF Panhellenic Association meetings, including, but not limited to:
    Panhellenic Executive Board meetings.
    Panhellenic General Body meetings.
  • Have overall responsibility for the operation and the strategic direction of the Panhellenic

  • Association and update the Association on any progress regarding its strategic direction.

  • Meet weekly with the Panhellenic Advisor.

  • Be familiar with the National Panhellenic Council Manual of Information and all governing documents of the USF Panhellenic Association.

  • Communicate regularly with the National Panhellenic Conference Area Advisor and any other such National Officers as needed.

  • Coordinate Panhellenic Executive Board Officer applications and slating process.

  • Chair the Slating Committee for the selection of Panhellenic Executive Board Officers.

  • Plan and facilitate officer installations.

  • Review, approve, and sign Panhellenic Association checks and contracts involving the USF Panhellenic Association in collaboration with the Vice President of Administration.
  • Attend Council Leadership and Chapter Presidents’ meetings.

  • Serve as the Panhellenic Representative on all University matters or appoint a designee for all requested University Committees.

  • Host roundtables for Panhellenic Chapter presidents.

  • Serve as the Panhellenic Spokesperson; If or when conducting press releases, consult with Vice President of Public Relations to ensure Panhellenic values and ideals are being represented.

  • Be responsible for the communication and correspondence with other fraternity and sorority councils and campus entities.

  • Coordinate extension efforts at USF with the Panhellenic Advisor, including serving as Chair of the Extension Exploration Committee

  • Facilitate and mediate informal discussions between Panhellenic and other councils along with the Vice President of Conduct and Integrity to improve fraternity and sorority council relations.

The Panhellenic President strategizes and communicates on behalf of the community. 

Executive Vice President

  • Perform all duties of the President in her absence, inability to serve, or at her call.

  • Meet with the Panhellenic Advisor every other week.

  • Ensure the National Panhellenic Conference annual report is completed timely and accurately.

  • Create the USF Panhellenic Association Annual Report. Collaborate with other Executive Board Officers to gather information about scholarship, grades, service hours, philanthropic work, recruitment statistics and other important details about our Panhellenic community.

  • Organize and submit national award activity on behalf of the Panhellenic Association.

-Supervise the Panhellenic Executive Officers (with the exception of the President) and complete the following duties:
Facilitate one-on-ones with Executive Officers to oversee the completion of the Panhellenic Executive Board officers’ goals and duties every other week to ensure the Executive Board is moving in accordance with the satisfactory completion of the Strategic Plan.

Conduct a performance appraisal of the Panhellenic Executive officers once per semester, assisted by the President and the Panhellenic Advisor. 

  • Facilitate the officer removal process in collaboration with the Panhellenic Advisor, the Vice President of Conduct and Integrity, and the President. If the officer in question is the President, the Executive Vice President or the Vice President of Conduct and Integrity, consult with the Panhellenic Advisor
  • Prepare and facilitate the transition retreat between old and new officers no later than one week after the end of each fall semester.

  • Oversee Executive board staffing of events and the excuse process.

  • Coordinate the Panhellenic Executive board visits to individual chapters

  • Serve as ex-officio member of all Panhellenic Association Committees with voice, but no vote.

  • Perform all other duties as assigned by this office. 

The Panhellenic Vice President collaborates and oversees the Panhellenic Executive Board, amongst other things.

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