Panhellenic Woman Spotlight: Alena Frey

Sigma Delta Tau

Alena Frey

 “Being accepted into Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health meant the world to me. As someone who has had both a kidney and heart transplant, cancer twice, and chronic kidney disease, I find the medical field very important as it can affect so many people and may show almost no symptoms.”

Alena had Lymphoma at age 13, and bladder sarcoma at age 20.

“My family and friends pushed me to be the best and to do things I did not think I could do. My friend actually told me to apply, I did not originally plan to. In order to get accepted into Johns Hopkins, I received letters of recommendation from my professors, passed the GRE, did research, held positions around campus, studied a lot, and participated in HIV testing and counseling at the BRIDGE clinic at USF.

Being in a sorority has helped me find my voice and grow into the woman I am today. I would not be as outgoing or confident as I am now without Sigma Delta Tau and the support I have received from the friends I have made there. It has helped me find my voice and gave me confidence to go for the positions I have held.”