Posts from the President: From the Desk of President Ana - Edition 3

A series where President Ana interviews the Panhellenic Executive Board about their experiences of becoming sorority women.

Behind the Brains of Recruitment: picking apart the brain of VP Recruitment, Lauren

It’s interesting. When I was in another school prior to USF, I was one of those people who thought that sororities meant buying your friends. Forced to have a social life. Forced to keep up with a certain image. Very stereotypical stuff. Never would have thought in a million years I would become one of “those women,” and if someone were to tell me that I was to become the Vice President of Recruitment for sororities, I wouldn’t have believed them. 

I was one of those judgmental people, okay? It happens.

So, I guess the next question is, “if I had these thoughts, why did I register for Recruitment?”

Actually, it’s pretty funny. The reason why I considered it was because a regular from my job had said to me, “when life gives you lemons… you don’t always know what to do with them, but you still try to make lemonade.” In other words, don’t knock something until you try it. I shouldn’t judge sorority life without trying it out first.

Tell me about your Recruitment process and what that was like for you.

Let’s touch up on some “a-ha” moments that changed my perspective through Recruitment. Sisterhood Day is when I started realizing which chapters were where I was meant to be. A place where I felt some belonging and felt comfortable at. It wasn’t until Preference Day where I went to my second event, about to walk into the door, when the woman I had connected to earlier in the Recruitment process had greeted me at the door. It was at that moment where I, quite literally, jumped out of my heels because my feet were so sweaty from the ninety-degree heat and I was wearing all black. I felt overwhelmed with excitement to go visit this chapter and I knew right then that this was the chapter I wanted to be a part of. This was the first time I had felt this way about somewhere being a “home away from home.”

What made you stay after joining?

I think what made me stay is probably my big. I met my big on Bid Day, completely by accident because we bumped into each other while dancing to the Chainsmokers, and she was the first glimpse of how truly genuine and real sorority women could be. I thought Bid Day was going to be “OMG, TAKE A PICTURE WITH ME” and then immediately part ways, but, Bid Day was dancing, laughing, and meeting an incredible group of women.

What have you gotten out of sorority life since joining?

Recruitment was my greatest growth.  I chose Recruitment as a time to really dive into my chapter. Since my big was a Rho Gamma, I had to branch out of my comfort zone instead of leaning on her while she was disaffiliated. So, taking on the role of the Recruitment Chair Assistant for my chapter, it made me fall in love with Recruitment. Like, this is where the scientific part of me comes in: I love how the gears turn and how everything was one, huge, working machine. All the working parts, including the exec board, the chapters, the recruitment chairs, and the Rho Gammas themselves all were vital pieces to the process.

What are you looking forward to and excited for this recruitment?

What excites me is the vital pieces coming together again for a successful event. The overall goal for me in this position is that everyone finds where they belong. If it may not be belonging in a sorority, as long as they are willing to give the process a chance, like me from way back when, I think that’s all that matters. At the end of the day, at least you can confidently say that you went through the process and whatever the outcome may be, you were the one to make the decision.

Any final thoughts?

You never know what’s going to happen when you meet an incredible group of women that push you to be the best sorority woman you can be. “Those women” that I talked about in the beginning are not what the stereotypes are, and those stereotypes do not portray these women. So, if I had never applied to be on the Executive Board, I never would have found the motivating, empowering, and genuine women that I have the pleasure of standing next to as leaders of the community.

Shout out to my past self for giving sorority life a chance. It changed my college experience forever.