Posts from the President: From the Desk of President Ana – Edition 2

Ask and you shall receive!

From a request from a Post from the President reader who came to a Panhellenic Info Session night, I was asked to post the Recruitment Itinerary and the outfit spread for each day of Recruitment that the Vice President of New Member Relations had on the Powerpoint. Of course, I’m happy to oblige and have posted them below with a little blurb about outfit options for each day for Potential New Members (PNMs) out there who want to have my personal insight (as a former Rho Gamma, current President, and friend) on Recruitment outfits!

Thursday, August 23, 2018 – Orientation Night

Orientation Night.jpg


What we suggest: something casual and comfy because this is the night where you get to meet your Rho Gammas, your group members, and get A LOT of information about what to expect for Recruitment that weekend. I mean, I wouldn’t roll out in my pajamas or something, nor would I go full on glam. I would consider this to be a “I just came from class and I’m ready to learn more” look.

What I wore back when I was a PNM: a casual and cute tank, printed shorts, and sandals.

What I wish I brought/wore/knew when I was a PNM: a cardigan or sweater because the MSC gets chilly!

Weekend #1

Saturday, August 25, 2018 – Spirit Day


What we suggest: Green and Gold—yeah, yeah, get hype, get hype! Bring out your Bull Pride with some of USF’s colors on Spirit Day! We recommend wearing comfortable flats or sandals this day because there WILL be a lot of movement within the MSC and Music Building. Trust me, your feet will thank you for doing this on this long day. You can rock a pair of jeans with a cute USF tee from the bookstore, a green sundress with gold accessories, a white and green outfit with pops of gold (as shown in the picture)—whatever you want on this day… just make sure you bring your Bull Pride!

What I wore back when I was a PNM: a green flowy tank top with a green and gold statement necklace (yes, I go all out with themes), white shorts, and white sandals.

What I wish I brought/wore/knew when I was a PNM: a cardigan to put in my bag. Sometimes I got cold and wished I had something to drape myself in-between events in the MSC yet other times when I had just left the depths of Florida’s summer heat and walked into the MSC, a cardigan was the last thing I would put on my body.

Sunday, August 26, 2018 – Philanthropy Day


What we suggest: this day gets a little bit dressier than Spirit Day, so rompers, dresses, nice pants, skirts, and cute blouses are perfect for this day. Keep note that this day can be still rather long with a lot of movement between events in the MSC and Music Building. It’s suggested that you have a spare pair of sandals or flats on this day in your bag if you’re wanting to add some height with heels, especially if they’re not your most comfortable pair.

What I wore back when I was a PNM: an orange sundress from Forever 21 and little black heels.

What I wish I brought/wore/knew when I was a PNM: FLIP FLOPS/SANDALS. Oh boy, do I regret not packing a pair in my Recruitment bag. Don’t be like me with sad ol’ blisters forming from heels that didn’t like me as much as I liked it.

Weekend #2

Saturday, September 1, 2018 – Sisterhood Day


What we suggest: this day is more dressed up than Philanthropy Day because this day is a special day where chapter members will talk to you about why their sisterhood means a lot to them. The chapter members will be dressed up, too. Thus, I would call this a “Sunday Brunch” look. Feel free to wear jumpsuits, a nice romper, dresses, a cute blouse and pants (or skirt) combo!

What I wore back when I was a PNM: a printed green and blue sundress, a gold and blue statement necklace, and brown wedges.

What I wish I brought/wore/knew when I was a PNM: I really wished jumpsuits were cool back when I went through Recruitment a few years ago. I love a good power jumpsuit and will personally hype up anyone who wears one this year.

Sunday, September 2, 2018 – Preference Day


What we suggest: Preference Day is the most formal day of Recruitment, so we encourage you to look your best as this day is one of the most special to chapter members. This is your first look into ritual-like ceremonies and the chapters share a piece of it with you on the last day of Recruitment. I would call this a “fancy dinner” look with nice dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, etc. Feel free to style it any way you want with accessories and footwear!

What I wore back when I was a PNM: a light purple dress with a silver pearl necklace and black and purple accented heels.

What I wish I brought/wore/knew when I was a PNM: okay, so this one is a little funny considering I had no idea what was going on as a PNM but as I was walking to my established meet-up area with my Recruitment Guides, I was following a PACK of women all wearing black dresses. SERIOUSLY, every direction I looked, I saw women in herds in all-black dresses walking towards the Recruitment area. I posted in my GroupMe chat asking if I was not informed of the dress code considering I was wearing a light purple dress and asked what each member of my group was wearing, and they were all replying frantically, talking about how they have colors on their dresses, too. Our Recruitment Guides immediately calmed us down after telling us that the chapter members usually wear similar colors, like all-black/white/navy or whatnot, and that I was probably following a group of Panhellenic women walking to their event room. So, don’t be like me and freak out if you see that you’re wearing something completely different that not anyone else is wearing, nor freak out if you do wear colors or styles that a chapter is wearing.

Monday, September 3, 2018 – Bid Day

Bid Day.jpg

What we suggest: YOUR BID DAY SHIRT (you will be given this shirt on Orientation Night, please do not wear or lose it before this day), comfortable bottoms, and sneakers or sandals. Ready to RUN home? Okay, it’s more like a light jog through the MSC Ballroom but, nonetheless, footwear that could handle the brisk movement is encouraged.

What I wore back when I was a PNM: my sweet bid day shirt, jean shorts, and my Keds shoes.

What I wish I brought/wore/knew when I was a PNM: I’m not sure if bralettes were a thing back when I was a PNM but I wish it had been because my chapter bid day shirt had low cut arm holes and I was not wearing very flattering or appropriate undergarments that day. Of course, pals, you know what your comfort-level is with various undergarments so please use your best judgement with what works for you!

With that, I’d like to also offer some tips on what NOT to wear during Recruitment!

  •         Your “cool cap.” What’s a cool cap? It’s the invisible thing on your head that makes you “too cool” to participate in group activities, “too cool” to talk to different people, and “too cool” to open yourself up past the superficial. We want you to arrive as your most authentic self and want you to have a fun and successful Recruitment process. If you’re planning to bring your cool cap to Recruitment, I highly suggest you leave it at home or expect to be asked to make the physical motions to take it from your head once you’re in your Rho Gamma group!
  •       Those super cute pair of mega-heels that absolutely destroy your feet after 10 minutes of wearing them. If you are convinced that you NEED to wear them with the outfit you’re wearing that day, make sure to bring a comfy change of shoes or flip flops!

(Refer back to my PNM experience on Philanthropy Day, please learn from my mistakes)

  •      An uninterested look on your face. You know what this means informally. Not going to front, I have this issue sometimes when I’m zoned out and minding my own business. Remember to be engaged in the conversations with the chapter members and smile! Soft smiles and head nods count, too.
  •     Okay, so this isn’t really something you would “wear” but don’t come into Recruitment with a closed mind. By this, I mean having preconceived notions of the chapters here at USF without meeting the women who make up each of the 10 chapters. Each organization is unique with women who come from different walks of life, with unforgettable experiences, and are heading towards greater opportunities through the support of their sisters and their personal growth within their organizations. You’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you cut yourself out from getting to truly know women from various chapters and the experiences that their time in Panhellenic has given them. Coming in with a closed mind with things you’ve heard from outside influences about the organizations or even beliefs that you 100% will be in one specific organization because you know three members of that chapter may hinder your process. Make sure to keep an open mind as you go to each event during Recruitment.

The things that you wear during Recruitment is solely based on what you decide, whether it be as clothes or demeanor. To truly make this Recruitment experience as successful as possible as a PNM, I want you to consider the piece that makes this process so special—you. From what you wear to what you think, we want it to reflect who you are as a person and have it based on what you are experiencing. Not anyone else.

If this post had anything you could take away: bring you and don’t forget the flip flops.