Values Celebration Week | Zeta Tau Alpha

Avrie Bianco

Being a Zeta Tau Alpha means living by the quote “Love, the greatest of all things” and I couldn’t relate to it more. Growing up in a big Italian family you love everyone, we treat everyone like family. So going to college that’s what I was looking for going through USF Panhellenic Recruitment, a group of women that would double as a family. Being in Zeta we stress friendship, being genuine, and of course love as I mentioned before. In Zeta I found my forever friends that I know will always be by my side through thick and thin. My sisters always know how to hold each other accountable when they need to and how to build each other up. I couldn’t ask for a better family that teaches me new ways to love every day. 


Katie Noun

When I started my journey going through recruitment one of my major values was family and I don’t know what I would do with out the support of my family. When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer my family just surrounded us with so much support and love. Then, when I became a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha I automatically knew that I gained 150 new family members that I know will be there with me through tough times and through the happiest times.