Values Celebration Week | Kappa Delta

Nichole Valdez

Kappa Delta has shown me the true meaning of a home away from home. Being a part of an organization filled with so many women to look up to and learn from has given me the chance to truly step out of my comfort zone and push myself to settle for nothing but greatness. Creating a lifetime of friendships with women who share my same values and are always willing to be there for me is one of the many things I will cherish from this sisterhood.

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Jillian Baltazar

The bonds and friendships I have made through Kappa Delta has taught me the true meaning of sisterhood. Our chapter has such a supportive group of women, who lives up their values, and makes sure to hold each other accountable at all times. I know for a fact that the bond within our chapter is something that I will cherish forever and something that I will always be grateful for.

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