Values Celebration Week | Delta Gamma

Kirsten Hawkins

There are many things in my life that I hold very close to my heart, one of those being my sorority, Delta Gamma. Being in DG has shown me all the possible areas in which I as an individual can grow to my full potential. Since joining in Fall 2016, I have grown immensely and have put myself into situations I never would’ve thought about in years prior. DG, has also provided me with an unlimited amount of resources to make sure I achieve the scholastic goals I have in mind for myself. I am forever grateful for Delta Gamma and the rest of the Panhellenic community. 


Caroline Morgan

I went through recruitment during Fall of 2016. My mom was a Delta Gamma here at USF, so naturally, I was excited to meet the chapter. However, I wanted to find my home and not my mom’s. I did not expect to immediately recognize a group of welcoming, genuine and empowering women. I remember meeting Theresa Lopez (picture sitting at the beach) and seeing her as this incredible woman that I would always look up to and probably never be friends with. She was the first of many welcoming sisters. 

I stayed in DG through my new member process and became an initiated member because of the people. No one joins a sorority because of the symbol or the philanthropy. They join because of the people and how they feel. Delta Gamma has not stopped challenging me and making me a better leader, friend and all around person. These people make me better. Because of my sisters, I have the courage to take on new things.  I’m studying abroad this summer and because of DG, I know I’m capable of doing this. I was challenged when given the task of planning Anchor Splash, our annual philanthropy, and without my sisters, there is no way I would’ve pulled it off. I had a rough semester last fall and because of DG, I picked myself up with the help of people like my little, Julia, or my roommate, Rachael, and I’m happier than ever. And even though after graduation I’ll only talk to a select few of them, I will cherish these memories forever and always hold my letters close to my heart.