Values Celebration Week | Alpha Omicron Pi

Tatiana Morales

When I think about my time at USF and all that I have learned within my sorority, I realize that I have grown by the values that Alpha Omicron Pi and Panhellenic have instilled in me. It started with the four values of Character, Dignity, Scholarship, and College Loyalty. I grew to learn those values and in the eyes of my sisters that I had them, I am a woman at USF who has strong character, dignity, endless scholarship and a deep loyalty to USF. I love that my values also challenge me to be better in everything I do. I came to college to learn in my classes, in my friendships, and in everything I do. My values are not just a part of me they are a part of how I connect with everyone around me. When I joined Alpha Omicron Pi I saw the values and the love in everyone I met. I use that to be a better woman to my sisters, my friends, my colleagues, and my entire world. 


Christina Cheng

It wasn't until last December when I realized the value of character was so important to uphold and recognize in in an individual. I went to meet up with a high school friend for brunch back in Jacksonville and she was ecstatic to catch me up on her recruitment process. She called me halfway through her process and I know she went through to the end with the most positive attitude and self-confidence; right then I knew she would be a great representation of the Panhellenic community. She inspires me to carry myself with confidence at all times, to not only bring out the light that shines inside but to bring out the light that shines in others. As a sister of AOII, I am proud to represent AOII through my own campus and stand with the same confidence and character that has made me a stronger AOII woman. Character and dignity can bring you far but it is your growth in character that brings you further.