Month of the Scholar: Aly Roos

Changing My Major & Finding Out It Was Meant To Be…


I moved to Tampa for USF in August of 2017 all alone, not understanding what I wanted to do with my life. I applied for the Education program because I knew I could do anything with that type of degree, or any degree at all. After a semester of hard work, sweat, and tears, I thought it was time to do something I enjoyed.


At the beginning of January 2018, my mindset was “what major can make me graduate early?” Talking to my academic advisor, he kept asking me a question like what do I like to do and where do I see myself in 5 years? In my mind, I was having blanks and question marks because I did not know what I wanted.


This point of my life is where I discovered the English program at USF. I thought to myself how hard could this be…I like to talk and write so it’s perfect!


Shortly into the semester, I figured out that you must love more than talking and writing to get yourself through these classes. I took classes that opened my skills in designing and rhetoric (still not 100% sure what rhetoric is), but this is where I found my love for designing. I loved an excellent designing class like yearbook or web design I and II (I geek out at designing elements) in high school. 


I NEVER saw myself designing or writing for anything, I ALWAYS saw myself as teaching in a classroom or something in that area.


Skipping forward to now, I figured out everything went the way it was supposed to do. I started gearing off and figuring out what I enjoyed doing, and I learned that I enjoy designing, but I especially enjoyed event planning and designing the events. I changed my major and found out that this was meant to be for me.


Changing my major to English made me realize I was able to do anything I wanted and the internships that were available to me brighten my horizon. The future of Aly Roos’ crazy life holds graduation at the end of this semester majoring in English with an internship at entertainment company that has an event planning under its umbrella.


I did not realize that changing my major would do for me and how much I could benefit from that change. I have to say everything fell into the places that it needed to fall into.