Meet the Executive Board!

Meet the Executive Board!

President: Ana Huynh

  • Senior double majoring in Biomedical Science and Marketing

  • Career Goal: See where life's opportunities take me

  • Hometown: Tampa, Florida

  • Fun Fact: I’m always down to jam out to the original High School Musical soundtrack.

This year, I am excited to meet more Panhellenic women and hopefully empower them to become leaders within our community through the values of PHA. I love Panhellenic because it has given me a supportive chapter and community where I could be myself and develop into the best woman I could be.

Executive Vice President: Alissa-Rae Eonda

  • Junior majoring in Health Science

  • Career Goal: Nurse Practitioner

  • Hometown: Tampa, Florida

  • Fun Fact: I have 10 (yes 10) pairs of crocs!

I am most excited to watch the goals of the executive board help the Panhellenic community grow into an even more successful community! Panhellenic has given my life nothing but positivity. The women of this community have empowered me to be the leader I am today, helped me pursue my academic and career goals and have truly been family to me. I know that after college I have a network of strong women who will be by my side for a lifetime. 

Vice President of Conduct and Integrity: Najare Johnson

  • Sophomore majoring in Health Science on a Pre-Med Track

  • Career Goal: Forensic Psychiatrist

  • Hometown: Palm Coast, Florida

  • Fun Fact: I love bats and alpacas... THEY ARE THE CUTEST!

I'm excited to grow as a Panhellenic community and meet amazing women throughout the chapters at USF. I love panhellenic because it allows for a greater insight on the women in our community, and gives me the opportunity to expand my support system through USF. 

VICE PRESIDENT OF Finance: Christina Thomas

  • Junior majoring in Accounting

  • Career Goal: Pediatrician

  • Hometown: Seattle, Washington

  • Fun Fact: I'm 2,523 miles from home. Yes, I mapped it exactly.

I'm most excited to get to know everyone on the Executive Board more and meet more women in the Panhellenic community. 

Vice President of Professional and Personal Development: Elizabeth Wilder

  • Junior majoring in Health Science

  • Career Goal: Healthcare Administration

  • Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

  • Fun Fact: I have been skydiving!

Learning about and meeting so many women from every chapter and working with our PHA executive board! I love the diversity in our community, and the amazing opportunities Panhellenic provides to us young women! 

Vice President of Administration: Taylor Jenkins

  • Sophomore majoring in Marketing & Business Analytics/Information Systems

  • Career Goal: Manage my own real estate team

  • Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

  • Fun Fact: I spent this Fall Semester interning at Disney World through their College Program.

I'm excited to build authentic bonds with women in the Panhellenic Community, empower others to reach their full potential, and continue to grow academically, personally, and professionally. I love Panhellenic because I'm constantly surrounded by women who support me endlessly. 

Vice President of Community Development: Niki Townsend

  • Junior double majoring in International Studies and Criminology

  • Career Goal: Join the Peace Corps and eventually work in an Embassy abroad

  • Hometown: St. Petersburg, Florida

  • Fun Fact: I have traveled to 5 countries

I’m most excited to help Panhellenic strengthen relationships on Campus and I love that Panhellenic helps remind each chapter of the similarities we all share!

Vice President of Recruitment: Lauren Ponto

  • Chemical Engineering with a minor in Biomedical Engineering

  • Career Goal: Biomaterials/prosthetics and working with veterans

  • Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

  • Fun Fact: My dream job is to work with Engineers without Borders

I love Panhellenic because the main goal is empowering women to be who they are. I would have never thought I could hold a position in Panhellenic much less anything else in college, and seeing women who are on the same boat as me motivates me to be my best.

Vice President of Recruitment Personnel: Tabata Rodriguez

  • Junior majoring in Health Science

  • Career Goal: Trauma Surgeon or Emergency Doctor

  • Hometown: Quito, Ecuador and West Palm Beach, Florida

  • Fun Fact: I can’t go to bed without taking a Buzzfeed quiz first

Besides Recruitment, I am most excited for the Rho Gamma and Exec retreats because I can’t wait to bond with everyone and get to know them on a deeper level. I love Panhellenic because I love being surrounded by the most supportive and empowering group of women. I have grown a lot ever since joining the USF Panhellenic community, it has challenged me and given me amazing opportunities. I can’t wait to give back to this community that I call my family as the VPRP.

Vice President of Public Relations: Nicoletta Freer

  • Junior majoring in Advertising

  • Career Goal: CMO for an International company

  • Hometown: Bradenton, Florida

  • Fun Fact: I have traveled to 21 countries!

I am super excited to get closer to women from different Panhellenic organizations and see them grow into incredible leaders through our Panhellenic community. I love Panhellenic because it encourages women from all walks of life to be their true self and do great things. 

Vice President of New Member Relations: Sarah Epplin

  • Junior double major in Mass Communications and English

  • Career Goal: Work in Public Relations related to travel or entertainment

  • Hometown: Tampa, Florida

  • Fun Fact: I want to move to New York after I graduate

I am most excited for how much personal growth and development coming my way this year! I love Panhellenic because there is always another woman there to empower and encourage me to be the best version of myself.