Rho Gamma Spotlight: Disney Dreamers

A Rho Gamma is a Panhellenic sorority member who has temporarily separated herself from her chapter, disaffiliated, in order to help guide potential new members, through Recruitment.

During Orientation, you will be split into your “Rho Gamma group”, which will be led by two Rho Gammas, who can clear up any questions you may have, serve as your cheerleader, and supply you with all of the materials you may need.

Kelly and Sara are the Rho Gammas for the Disney Dreamers.

Kelly is obsessed with Starbucks. What? Sometimes a girl needs a caffeine fix.
Sara, on the other hand, loves music and concerts, and was even lucky enough to see the Jonas Brothers live on stage!

They want their PNMs to be sure to keep an open mind throughout the process. The more that you get to know the chapters, the more you may be surprised by how well you get along with them.