Rho Gamma Spotlight: Casual Cowgirls

A Rho Gamma is a Panhellenic sorority member who has temporarily separated herself from her chapter, disaffiliated, in order to help guide potential new members, through Recruitment.

During Orientation, you will be split into your “Rho Gamma group”, which will be led by two Rho Gammas, who can clear up any questions you may have, serve as your cheerleader, and supply you with all of the materials you may need.

Tara and Jackie are the Rho Gammas for the Casual Cowgirls.

Possibly the most star-studded twin pair, Tara is related to Elvis Presley, while Jackie had Tom Cruise film a move in her house. Which movie? You'll have to ask her that. 

They want their PNMs to be their most authentic selves & remember to have fun throughout the process.