Our Vision:
The Panhellenic member at the University of South Florida will be an inspiring catalyst who initiates positive change in and for a global community.

Our Mission:
The Panhellenic Association at the University of South Florida will create authentic leaders who serve, inspire, and initiate global change by developing lifelong skills and advocating for the fraternal experience through education, accountability, intentional programming, and purposeful partnerships.

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Over the course of an individual's membership, the Panhellenic Association provides opportunities for individual growth on multiple levels: academically, personally and professionally. We are working to become the best versions of ourselves in order to produce authentic leadership and productive citizenship during and after the collegian experience. While at USF, we are committed to excelling in our academic performance and becoming role models for the greater campus community. We are also committed to the continued expansion of out Panhellenic community. 


Service is a commitment to put others before yourself; it is a relationship between equals that benefits both the individual serving and those being served. Service will be at the forefront of our decisions and plays a huge role in the purpose of our community. Through service, we build unshakable character, impact the lives of others, and contribute to global change. In our Panhellenic community, service assists important societal needs through hands-on activities and building of awareness. 


Sororities were founded to empower women; we build our members' confidence and encourage them to be their most authentic and genuine selves. By unifying, supporting, and investing in one another, our members embody the meaning of being a sorority woman and inspire others to act. While we empower one another, we simultaneously contribute to global empowerment through our dedication to USF, the community, and Circle of Sisterhood. 



Respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something, and is the foundation for our interactions with ourselves and others. By practicing and promoting self and mutual respect, we are able to build stronger, authentic bonds. Respect is a mindset and a demeanor our members should embody. As we demonstrate respect, we create safe spaces and grow into a more inclusive environment. 


What You Will Find in USF Panhellenic:

Women’s Empowerment:
One of our community’s biggest strengths is helping women realize their potential. We believe that through membership in a sorority, by the time you graduate you can be equipped with the confidence and knowledge to reach any goal you set for yourself. Our ten chapters help facilitate this growth through various mentoring and personal development programs.

Our organizations were founded on the ideal of empowerment through academic growth and success. Panhellenic puts a strong emphasis on high educational standards by expecting all members to uphold a GPA requirement. We also employ academic support programs to help our community to be successful such as peer tutoring, class selection assistance, group study sessions, resource information, and learning incentives.

Leadership and Networking:
Sororities are self-governing and managed by its members. Each chapter offers leadership opportunities and encourages members to be involved in the USF community. Individuals have the capacity to determine the success of their organization. Through leadership workshops, help with resume writing, and mock business interviews, our members become prepared for life after college! The Panhellenic Association also offers leadership conference scholarships. Joining a sorority provides members with countless leadership opportunities within their chapters and throughout USF.

Service and Philanthropy:
Each year, Panhellenic raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for a number of different philanthropies selected by the individual chapters at the national and local level. We, as a community, chose to adopt the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation as our Panhellenic philanthropy. This foundation helps women and children living in poverty throughout the world gain access to education. Many of our Panhellenic members also give back to the community through volunteer hours.

Sisterhood and Friendship:
It can be difficult to find a sense of belonging in in college but by joining a sorority, finding your place seems less overwhelming. Being a sister can help you find a sense of identity, a home away from home and a support system. Each sisterhood shares a unique ritual that ties members together in a bond of lifelong friendship. We believe that no matter what, at the end of the day, we are here to support one another.

2019 Panhellenic Executive Board Applications are out under Resources > Applications!

  • The deadline is Thursday, November 1st by 5pm to MSC 2300.

  • Interviews will be held Sunday, November 4th, 2018 from 10am through 4pm in MSC 2705.

Coffee with the Executive Board: learn more about a specific position on PHA Exec at our individual office hours to get coffee or email us individually to schedule another time!

President/VP Online Communications, Ana, usfpanhellenic.president@gmail.com: Monday’s 12pm-2pm

Executive VP, Alissa-Rae, usfpanhellenic.evp@gmail.com: Tuesday’s 3-5pm

VP Conduct and Integrity, Najare, usfpanhellenic.vpc@gmail.com: Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 3:30-4:30pm

VP Finance, Christina, usfpanhellenic.vpf@gmail.com: Monday’s 11am-1pm

VP Administration, Mary, usfpanhellenic.vpa@gmail.com: Monday’s and Wednesday’s 11am-12pm

VP Professional and Personal Development, Ebbie, usfpanhellenic.vpppd@gmail.com: Monday’s and Wednesday’s 3:30-4:30pm

VP Community Development, Niki, usfpanhellenic.vpcd@gmail.com: Tuesday’s 3:30-5pm

VP Marketing, Sydney, usfpanhellenic.vpm@gmail.com: Thursday’s 11am-1pm

VP Recruitment, Lauren, usfpanhellenic.vpr@gmail.com: Wednesday’s 3-5pm

VP New Member Relations, Sarah, usfpanhellenic. vpnmr@gmail.com: Tuesday’s 9:30-11:30am

VP Recruitment Personnel, Tabata, usfpanhellenic.vprp@gmail.com: Thursday’s 10am-12pm

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